In this Discussion Post, you are asked to challenge your definition and view of welfare.

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Your post should be at least 300 words and no more than 1000 words.

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1. Based on the reading, So You Think I Drive a Cadillac? what are some myths about social welfare?

2. Based on the reading, Crisis in American Institutions: Corporate Welfare, how are companies benefiting from laws that were originally designed to help small farmers? :

3. In the PBS Frontline documentary, Amazon Empire, in what ways would you describe Amazon is receiving corporate welfare.

4. Based on the podcast, Hidden Brain: What’s not on test, how would long-term investments in education benefit society? Explain, using examples from the podcast.

5. In the podcast Radiolab: G-Problem Space, what was the economic cost to society to continue to allow companies to use lead in their products? Has this problem been resolved (you will need to research this on your own)? Explain

6. Read the following news article by The New York Times: The Coronavirus Economy (Links to an external site.). Next, discuss how government welfare is being parceled out and who is most benefiting from the stimulus package?

7. Finally write a new definition using your own words to describe welfare. You may create subcategories, but must provide definitions for those to. Then after you have written your descriptive definition, discuss why you chose to describe your new/updated definition the way did. Also address if whether welfare has a positive or negative connotation in your new definition. Discuss why or why not.

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