In any type of writing, it is important to know your audience, but you also need to know what they will_____Question 1 options:take away from the message.think about your writing with the i

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In any type of writing, it is important to know your audience, but you also need to know what they will_____Question 1 options:take away from the message.think about your writing with the information.share with others. Question 2 (2 points) Jargon is_____Question 2 options:when a person writes strictly to their own colleagues.the use of specialized language connected to a specific line of work.a casual form of to use when writing to a general audience. Question 3 (2 points) Creating a message that is “readable” can mean______Question 3 options:making sure to use a sanserif font.using graphics to illustrate your points.using many different fonts and heading formats.adjusting how you prepare and compose your message based on the needs of your audience. Question 4 (2 points) When writing for the healthcare industry, what might you want to consider about your audience?Question 4 options:The religious beliefs of your readersYour readers’ political point of viewWhat your readers have in commonYour readers’ household demographicsQuestion 5 (2 points) The first step toward creating content for patients is______Question 5 options:discovering the reading habits of each individual.matching the message to the audience.answering questions you know the readers will have.building an outline.Question 6 (2 points) To be sure your message is understood, you should avoid______Question 6 options:posing questions in your content.discussing anything that might anger the reader.using advice.Question 7 (2 points) A good way to capture the attention of a reader who is skimming is to ________Question 7 options:”chunk” the information.include specific details.address it to them personally.use compelling language, like: “Wow!” or “Imagine!”Question 8 (2 points) The purpose of your writing usually determines the ________ of the piece.Question 8 options:truthconclusiontonedetailsQuestion 9 (2 points) If your intention is to provide critical information, you might want to use a _______tone.Question 9 options:lightin-depthsillyformalQuestion 10 (2 points) In a document, the space on the page surrounding and in between the print is known as______Question 10 options:white space.the margins.adjusted breaks.Question 11 (2 points) To draw your readers’ attention to specific content, use_____Question 11 options:clever phrases.bold headings or subheadings.lots of white space.different color fonts.Question 12 (2 points) To stay on point and not veer off topic, use_______Question 12 options:code words to help steer the conversation.”chunking.”short sentences rather than long ones.formal language.Question 13 (2 points) When writing about healthcare topics for the general public, you shouldQuestion 13 options:write for older patients.write for younger patients.instead think about the interests of doctors and nurses.think about their interests and knowledge.Question 14 (2 points) If you want to entertain or introduce a light topic, you might decide to use this type of writing:Question 14 options:LiteraryInformalForm

AcademicQuestion 15 (2 points) To compose a message that will reach your audience, you might consider their _____Question 15 options:age, gender, education, and area of the country.interest in learning about the healthcare industry in general.income, political preference, and type of dwelling.recent employment

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