Identify the 8 sentence skills mistakes

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okay, here’s the complete paragraph. please tell me by number which is which. a. fragment b. run-on c. mistake in pronoun-antecedent agreement d. misplaced modifier e. dangling modifier f. missing comma g. wordiness h. cliche’.

Anyone who doubts the possibility of falling in love at first sight without meeting in person should reconsidertheir beliefs. John G. Neihardt and his wife, Mona Martinson, fell in love through the magic of letters. Mona, a sculptor who studied with Auguste Rodin, first heard of Neihart. when she read his book of poetry, A bundle of myrhh. Shortly after reading the book, Neihardt received her first letter, and a correspondence between the two ensued. The finally met six months after the first letter exchanged. Their love had grown, they married the next day. for the next fifty years the couple remained faithful to each other. They had four grand daughters, Enid, Sigurd, Hilda, and Alice, When Neihardt died, his ashes were mixed and scattered over the Missouri River with Mona’s. Therefore, one could make the observation that long before e-mail,, and eHarmony, people were falling in love by writing letters and getting to know each other without actually meeting.

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