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I need your help to answer these 4 questions

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  • List and discuss at least two ways why the healthcare industry is different than other industries?
  • Your manager calls you and asks how the organization is doing as of today from a financial perspective? Should you use an income statement or a balance sheet? Please explain your answer.
  • Identify one process/procedure which needs improvement in the healthcare industry and explain how YOU would improve it and apply continues improvement strategies to continue to improve the process in the years to come.
  • What is benchmarking? What are some of the steps you would take to begin the process?

Please add references and in-text citations.

Minimum 500 words for each question


Health Care Operations Management: A Systems Perspective, 2nd ed.

Langabeer, J.R. II. & Helton, J.

Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016).

ISBN: 978-1284050066


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