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I need help with these college level History questions. PLEASE BE ORIGINAL AND ANSWER EACH QUESTION SPECIFICALLY. NUMBER EACH ANSWER 1-6 so I can know which is which . DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Thanks!


1. What were the major phases of revolution, and what increased tensions at each level?

2.What were the strategic advantages and disadvantages of the Colonists in fighting with the British? What role did the French play in this?

3.Once the revolution was over and the colonies became the United States, what problems were faced in terms of putting together a government? How were these overcome?

4.Discuss the political, economic and social differences between Federalists and anti-Federalists. How did Jeffersonianism differ from those two? Who adhered to which party and why? 

5.Why did Shay’s Rebellion and the Whiskey rebellion resonate so deeply among the Americans? What were the arguments both in the individual cases, as well as the “big picture” importance?

6.Explain Jefferson’s vision of America. How did the Louisiana Purchase affect that vision? What obstacles were met and how were they dealt with?


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