i need help writing spanish and english

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you will watch a movie in Spanish and write about it. The movie you choose should be from a Spanish-speaking country (select a movie from the list below). In addition, many are available via Netflix or other streaming services. Also, a few might be viewable on YouTube with English subtitles.

You must watch the movie so that you hear the Spanish, so you will need to put the subtitles in English so that you understand what is happening.

The Movie Reflection extra credit assignment has 3 steps:

I. Make a note of at least 20 words you recognize or can understand through the context and subtitles as you watch the movie. Also, write down their English translation.

II. Choose 3 characters in the movie to write about. For each character write a short paragraph about him or her in which you use at least 5 different verbs and 5 different adjectives for each character. Be sure to include a variety of verb types, including -ar, -er, -ir, stem-changing and irregular yo-form.Be sure that you only use the present indicative tense!

III. Write a short review in English (200 words) of the film. Do not summarize the movie! Instead, give your personal opinion and reaction. What did you learn about the Hispanic culture and/or history highlighted in the film? Include what you liked or didn’t like about the movie and why. Also, note the similarities and differences you observed between your culture and the one portrayed in the movie. What did you learn about the history cultural expressions highlighted in the film? What do you think is (are) the reason(s) behind the cultural expressions?

NOTE: Your Movie Reflection should be TYPED and DOUBLE-SPACED, and submitted on Blackboard by December 9!


(NOTE: Before selecting a movie, research online to see summaries and MPAA ratings):


También la lluvia


Maria llena de gracia

Como agua para chocolate

El norte

Belle Epoque

Todo sobre mi madre

La historia oficial

Fresa y chocolate

Hable con ella

Abre los ojos


El crimen del padre Amaro

Mar Adentro

Diarios de motocicleta

El laberinto del fauno


La misma luna

Voces inocentes


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