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Welcome to your critical thinking. This assigment requires you to do the following:

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  • Give your opinion on the topic below.
  • Return later and responded to a fellow student comments.
  • You must post your opinion and a response for full credit.

This is a threaded discussion in which you interact with your classmates. You are required to answer the thread questions with a complete response. Responses that are “double talk” or restate the question and provide very little sustance will not be given the points. If neccessary research the question on the net. All the topics come straight from the Unit Reading. Please do not use this thread to discuss your “frustrations” or dislikes. If you have concerns about the course, your grade, or grading procedures. Please e-mail me at butlerg@bartonccc.edu or call. Remember the following rule applies:

Netiquette: All students are expected to be responsible and courtesy in their discussion posts. Posts should not be used to “flame” students or the instructor. The use of offensive language, sexual, or racist comments will not be tolerated. Students will be reported their dean, and college for this behavior. I will forward the offensive post to the required authority. Also, you will be dropped from this course and given an immediate “F” for the course.

Thread Rubric: Here is what I am looking for in these threads. My goal is to key you in on some of the social/political issues in a region and improve your understanding of the topic. The threads are designed to enhance the course and provide a written question not easy to provide on a multiple choice exam, Many of the threads my require some online research. It take only a few minutes. Here is the rubric:

  • Posted a Response: You answered the question in clear completed sentences (5 Points)
  • Responded to another student: You responded to another student post. Some of this can entail a simple agreement or acknowledgement, A discussion on topics is preferred (5 Points).
  • Provided detailed explanations: of your views using resources and or the textbook. Cite resources, in providing web link or textbook page number. If you are unsure about a topic the internet provides a world of information (10 Points).

Critical Thinking Question: allocation of water resources is a problem around the world. The Nile River flows through many countries. If people from upstream take too much, those who live downstream may be left with little or nothing. Refer to a map of the region while you think and discuss this question. Through which countries does the Nile pass? What ideas can you suggest for allocating water from the Nile among the many potential users? What agreements currently exist to allocate water from the Nile?

Web Links

UN: Global Water Resource Issues (Links to an external site.)

PRB: Population Reference Bureau on Water (Links to an external site.)

Wikipedia: Water Politics in the Nile Basin (Links to an external site.)

“A foolish man may be known by six things: Anger without cause, speech without profit, change without progress, inquiry without object, putting trust in a stranger, and mistaking foes for friends.”– Arab Proverb


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