I need assistance in reviewing my Personal Statement for a scholarship appeal. Attached you’ll find the word document I have written up. Please feel free to add, delete, or change anything to make the

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I need assistance in reviewing my Personal Statement for a scholarship appeal. Attached you’ll find the word document I have written up. Please feel free to add, delete, or change anything to make the Personal Statement the best that it can be. Below are the instructions given for the Personal Statement. You do not have to strictly follow it, just put it there to give an idea. Personal statement (required):

a. Detail the reasons for poor academic performance, specifically addressing extenuating circumstances beyond your control such as personal injury or illness which occurred during an enrollment period, death of an immediate family member or legal guardian, or other documented circumstances that were unexpected in nature.

b. An action plan, specifically addressing issues or circumstances which you indicate had a negative impact on your prior academic performance. Include what you plan to do in order to return to good standing. This is not to be simply a statement of “good intentions”.

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I need assistance in reviewing my Personal Statement for a scholarship appeal. Attached you’ll find the word document I have written up. Please feel free to add, delete, or change anything to make the
Personal Statement for Scholarship Reinstatement I am writing this Personal Statement as a request for reinstatement for the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship. Due to not completing and failing to meet academic performance for the 2022 Spring Semester at UNM, my qualifications for the 2022 Fall semester for the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship has been removed. Before the UNM 2022 Spring semester I had been attending CNM for the past 3 years, 2 of those years being strictly online classes because of Covid-19. Transferring over to UNM from CNM was a difficult transition for me because of multiple things that were going on at the time. I was a full-time student taking 6 classes at the time, on top of the classes I was working 48 hours Mon-Sun, 40 hours at HeadingHome (Non-profit helping homeless families) and 8 hours at Casa De Salud (Non-profit clinic). As I was getting used to juggling my new school and work life, I ended up catching Covid-19 and falling a week behind on classes, this was early February. A little after recovering from Covid, my dad had relapsed and fell back into alcoholism after years of not drinking, this occurred at the end of February. My father going back to drinking was what had the biggest impact on me and was the most unexpected thing for my family. I have an older brother and little sister and we all live with our dad since him and our mother divorce and separated. We could no longer depend on our dad to help at home and little less take care of our younger sister who he would drive to and from school. My dad is the type of alcoholic that gets very aggressive and listens to nobody, he would constantly be driving under the influence. My older brother and I shared the responsibility of looking after our sister. Eventually all my built-up stress and anxiety caught up to me and I burned out. I stopped attending and worrying about school, I as well talked with the supervisor at Casa about what I was dealing with and took a break from there. All I was thinking at that time was work and looking after my family, school was the last thing on my mind. I eventually just coped with the fact that I would not be finishing off the semester since I had missed all schoolwork of the month of March and was just too far behind. This led me to a depressive state where I just didn’t talk to anyone about my decisions. I did not drop any of my classes and assumed my teachers would end up doing it for me, I had never dropped a class before, so I did not know the process. To now my realization, only 2 of my 6 classes were dropped, so I ended up getting an F letter grade for the other 4. Action plan for Fall 2022 semester and how it has been going so far. The main things that held me back from academically meeting expectations was the fact of dealing with my alcoholic dad, my work/school load, and my mental health. It was sometime July, my father ended up coming home one night badly injured from a bar he went to, the next day my dad came to his senses, and we all sat down and had an intervention with him, he agreed that he will stop drinking and attend AA meetings in hopes to control his drinking problems, till this day he has been clean, and we have been thriving as a family. As for dealing with school and work, I have put my work at Casa De Salud on a pause and will not be returning until I graduate, for my main job at HeadingHome, I changed my hours and got approval from my boss to be able to do schoolwork on the weekends. My older brother has become my support pillar, after being in a depressive hole for a long time, I opened up to my brother about failing my Spring semester, he was disappointed at first, but sat down with me and worked out all my options and what it is I have to do. He now checks in with me every week to make sure I am keeping up and motivates me. For this Fall 2022 semester I am once again enrolled in 6 classes, and I am currently under a probation contract with my UNM advisor. The contract is in place to ensure that I am meeting a minimum academic GPA of 2.5 or above for this Fall semester. I have been checking in with my advisor during the crucial dates of the semester for the crucial deadlines (drop deadline, around midterms, drop without dean’s permission deadline, and after finals), these dates being Sept 2nd, Sept 9th, Oct 13th, Nov 11th, and Dec 19th. So far, the meetings have been going great and I have been receiving the support and more for my classes. I would like to close off this personal statement by giving thanks to whoever is reviewing it.


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