i have 3 discussion need help

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1.a two pages discussion of harlem renaissance including writters.

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2. a two pages discussion of japanese and chinese poetry and the poet.

3.a 3 pages short story response of <<a pair of ticket>> and please start with this: 

Thesis statement: 

The love for family or domestic affection will never change; it is alway strong, intimacy, and selfless, no matter where you’re or how old and life is different.

Topic sentences:

Family love is strong in anywhere no matter where you are; families will come to help you when you need them.

Family love is a intimacy relationship among families, which can make families to feel the love from each other from the bottom of their hearts. 

Family love is the most selfless love in this world. This is the love that will never expect any return from anyone but only pay out.


There are lot of different love that existing in this society. People experience various love and deal with different relationship everyday. You will need to play different roles in different relationship. Somebody may say it is to complicated and to hard to play the roles in every different relationship. Someone may agree to this opinion. However, even though all the relationships is so complicated but I believe the domestic affection is the love will never change; it is alway strong, intimacy and selfless.

and the most important thing is please write like a middle school student writting, because my professor knows that i have really bad writing, and please make some grammar mistake, please!!!! if not she gonna realize this is not my writing. thank you so much.


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