Human food choices

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Each response To the following 4 questions should incorporate relevant course materials and/or additional sources. Each response should also be 250+ words.

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A friend suggests that gender equality is a reality in the US. He is certain that men have the same load of domestic responsibilities that women do, statistically speaking. Address this claim and evaluate it. Consider both physical labor and time, and emotional burdens, as drains on the average woman living: in a family with children; living with only a male partner; living with children and no male partners.

Using the course materials or additional sources, evaluate the importance of culture in food selection. Describe at least 3 social factors that impact foodways.

Using examples from the course materials or additional sources, describe the connection between food and religion. In what ways does religion impact food selection? How are foods incorporated into religious rituals? Provide examples.

Describe the “ideology of meat” in the U.S. What social factors affect the perception of meat in the U.S.? Has this perception/preference for meat changed over time?

APA format

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