HRM6623 Term paper

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Class HRM6623 Talent Development

Book: Jon M. Werner Human Resource Development: Talent Development 7th Edition

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HRM 6623

Term I 2017

Identify a company or organization of your choice with a true and current HRD development opportunity.  Prepare a comprehensive human resource development program on that opportunity


The suggested outline for this paper is as follows:

·       Title Page

·       Introduction

·       Overview of the subject company

·       Assessment of the HRD opportunity

·       Design of the HRD plan

·       Implementation strategy

·       Delivery

·       Method of evaluation

Grading will stress structure, content, analysis, and style.

The paper must be at least three thousand words in length, but not exceed 4,500 words not counting tables, figures, and any (optional) Appendices; it must correctly cite and use at least 10 ACADEMIC references, NOT counting the textbook. ALL cited sources must appear both within the body of the text (in text citations) and in the References list. NOTE: for an “A” grade, the paper must use articles from at least 2 peer reviewed journals or “scholarly” books. Most of these periodicals are available on line from the Troy University Library.

Choose a topic of importance to the human resource development field.  Some suggested topics might be:

·       Performance Management

·       Employee Selection

·       Recruiting Strategies

·       Employee Engagement

·       Building a Diverse Workforce

·       Reductions in Force

·       Performance Reviews

Please choose and organization you know.  For example a current or former employer, a friend’s or relative’s employer or at a minimum an organization from which you can gain true insight into the HRD issues.

APA format

Due: September 10, 2017

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