HRM Employee Engagemtn Recommendation

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HRM Employee Engagement Recommendation


  • HRM Employee Engagement Recommendation Scoring Guide.
  • Employee Engagement at Modern Appliances, Inc.
  • APA Style and Format.
  • Writing Feedback Tool.

This assessment measures your mastery of the course competencies:

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  • Analyze HRM programs and other related systems within an organization that supports employee engagement and commitment.
  • Examine evidence-based HRM best practices among organizations that demonstrate an employee-centered culture.
  • Analyze HRM’s role in adhering to laws and regulations that ensure employee rights and manage risk.
  • Analyze methods of supporting employee-centered culture through organizational design and workforce diversity.

Draw upon the “Modern Appliances” case study, the two previous assignments, the course discussions, your course readings, and any additional research you require to complete the project for this course.

In the “Modern Appliances” case study that we are considering, the immediate role of HRM consisted of advice and counsel given by the vice president of human resources as a member of the management team. James Bradshaw, Modern Appliances CEO, however, understood that changing the entire culture of a company was a long-term process. Although HRM activities are not made explicit in the case study, a number of clues indicate how HR might be called upon to actively support this new model of employee engagement. Imagine that you are the HR vice president at Modern Appliances and that James Bradshaw has asked you to submit a recommendation for how HR best practices and programs will support this new initiative.

For this project:

Prepare a detailed recommendation for James Bradshaw, CEO of Modern Appliances, outlining the ways in which HR will provide support to the employee engagement efforts at Modern. Your recommendation should:

  • Provide a brief analysis of the cultural shift that the company is making.
  • Identify and evaluate the systems and structures of the organization that will require support.
  • Evaluate the risks to the organization if support is not provided.
  • Identify any challenges or resistance that the organization will face in providing this support.
  • Include a prioritized recommendation of the programs and policies required to support the cultural shift to increased employee engagement. For each recommended program or policy, describe:

    • How it will address a specific need in the organization related to the cultural shift.
    • How it will mitigate a particular risk to the organization related to the cultural shift.
    • The plan for dealing with any resistance the program or policy encounters.
  • Evaluate how your recommendations align to HRM industry best practices with regard to employee engagement.

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