How art censorship has suffer over the years.

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This research paper consist in investigating how censorship has interacted and banned paintings around the world. Also, how freedom of expression has been suppressed over the years due to censorship. In general, it may start by the first painting that was censored, giving a couple other examples around the world, to finish with the role of censorship in the US and how some artist have been referring to the First Amendment to protect their art.

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  • MLA format
  • Only paintings
  • Provide a general overview of art censorship in the world
  • Give a history-timeline
  • When writing about art censorship in the US:
    • Include First Amendment and importance of it to prevent art to be banned.
    • Majors artist that have been banned and why.
    • Is there any new law that is in favor or not about art censorship? If yes, explain.
  • Add works cited
    • If possible add at least 1 or 2 JSTOR articles/journals.

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