Homework Topic 4

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Write a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question. This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

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  1. Define negotiation as it applies to patient education.
  2. Explain how the change in the patient’s status through the years has affected patient education.
  3. List the pros and cons of negotiation.
  4. Describe the general conditions that would be included in a patient contract.
  5. Discuss old age and the baby boomer.
  6. List several generational, religious, and cultural differences between the 30-year-old health care professional and the elderly patient.
  7. Explain some of the barriers to patient education of the elderly and discuss their special needs.
  8. List ways to best approach patient education of the elderly.
  9. Discuss some cultural and religious beliefs about death that you have encountered.
  10. Explain why it is important to discuss death and dying with the elderly patient and what the impact is on all involved.
  11. Explain how to teach a patient with a life-threatening illness.


  1. Stay within the word count limits: 500-750 words. More than 50 words over the top limit will result in a reduced score. References are not included in the word count.
  2. Interview a different person for this essay than the one for the Stages-of-Life Essay.
  3. The Interview is not a word-for-word transposition of questions and answers from the interviewee: it is an integration of the interviewee’s experiences and the material from the readings.
  4. Only .doc or .docx formats are allowed.
  5. No Abstract is required.
  6. The APA 6th Edition Template IS REQUIRED. It is located in Path > Connect > Forums > Topic 1 DQ2 or the Student Success Center. If the submitted paper is not in APA Format, it will be returned to the student for correction with a loss of points.
  7. As a reminder, PERRLA and OWL Purdue are not used in this course, since they often result in errors in APA Format.
  8. Use the GCU Library or the List of Allowed Online Scholarly Resources to guide you in making a selection of peer-reviewed resources.
  9. Resources are required for the paper. Remember, paraphrased materials must still be cited in the text.
  10. Remember to use personal communications citations for your interviewee: the format for personal communications is specific, so be sure to review the post in Path > Connect > Forums > Topic 4 DQ2 for the proper format and placement of these citations.
  11. Students who fail to include citations or references will have the assignment returned for correction with a loss of 10% for every day the assignment remains unsubmitted. Remember, a lack of references or citations is considered plagiarism by GCU.
  12. Be careful about academic honesty and avoid plagiarism. Copying another person’s work can result in severe academic penalties.
  13. The Grading Rubric for the essay is located on the bottom right of the assignment instructions section. Be sure to compare it to what you have written.
  14. LopesWrite IS REQUIRED for the paper. Paraphrase sources rather than cutting and pasting them into the document: this will lead to a lower Similarity Score.
  15. When saving the paper, put your name or initials in the file name to ensure it is specifically identified with you. This prevents overwriting the downloaded paper with another student’s paper due to the same file names.
  16. Submit the paper to LopesWrite, ensuring the Similarity Score is 20% or less and the Quoted Text is 20% or less before clicking on the button to upload it into the assignment drop box. Documents with either value greater than 20% will be returned for correction with a loss of 10% of earned points.
  17. Ten percent will be deducted for every day the paper remains unsubmitted past the due date. This means that after ten days, no assignment can receive any points.

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