History of black enslaved children

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This paper explores some of the psychological effects on black enslaved children who worked for their masters/mistresses in the antebellum period. These children not only suffered physically but, more importantly, mentally. Emotional issues such as separation, anxiety, and depression are some of the many problems that emerged as a result of enslavement.


  • 11 Pages
  • Double Space
  • 12pt Font
  • Times New Roman
  • Chicago style bibliography
    • Use endnotes, NO footnotes or parentheses
    • direct quotes cannot be more than 2 lines in length
  • 10 Sources (5 primary and 5 secondary)


5 Primary:

– OLAUDAH EQUIANO.pdf (see attached)

– Douglass_Narrative.pdf (see attached)

– Narrative_of_Sojourner_Truth.pdf (see attached)

– Celia, A Slave ( https://books.google.com/books?id=4Vg4wdimWBkC&pri… , https://www.litcharts.com/lit/celia-a-slave/quotes )

– 1 more primary source of your choice ( https://scholar.google.com/ )

5 Secondary (Needs to be a book):

Any BOOK that is found on https://scholar.google.com/

For example:

– Born In Bondage ( https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=EN_kkV… )


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