Hi, need to submit a 3250 words paper on the topic Requirements for Space Separation between Buildings.

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Hi, need to submit a 3250 words paper on the topic Requirements for Space Separation between Buildings. The spread of fire from a burning building to the adjoining structures or buildings may occur in various ways such as through direct flame contact, ignition of flying bands, radiative heat transfer, and convective transfer of heat. Other than space separation, there are a number of other considerations that are also required to be taken in order to satisfy the requirements of external fire spread mitigation such as the structural fire resistance of the surface finish and the nature of roofing (British Standards Institution, 2011, p.29).

According to the British regulations, the external wall of new buildings must be able to offer sufficient resistance to the spread of the fire over the walls as well as from one building to another, taking into consideration the position, use, and height of the building. The regulations regarding space separation and allowable areas on the particular walls generally determine if a building is considered to be in a boundary condition.

There are a number of building regulations and requirements that are currently being applied in the UK with regard to the design and management of spatial separation between buildings in order to ensure that the fire safety measures are incorporated in the new building designs whenever possible. According to experts, the fire safety regulations regarding space separation are designed not only to secure the safety of persons inside and outside the buildings by minimizing the potential spread of fire from one building to another but also to allow for sufficient space for fire fighting equipment and vehicles in the event of fire outbreak.

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Generally, the provisions of the requirements are largely based on a number of assumptions that are designed to achieve a reasonable standard of spatial separation between buildings.&nbsp.At the same time, the provisions also attempt to limit the amounts of unprotected areas within the sides of buildings particularly any openings and areas with combustible surfaces that may not be able to provide adequate protection against the external spread of fire from a given building to another.


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