Help with final literature project

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final Project – Literature Review Topic

Assignment 2

Literature Review Topic 

This week you will begin to work on your Final Project. Although it might seem early, I am asking you to post the topic for your final paper (which is also the topic for the preliminary reference list and the annotated bibliography) in this forum. The topic needs to have appropriate scope for a 8-10-page paper. It should be related to your field of study.

If you need help, please use the following resources:

  • Internet Research: Conduct internet research on your topic of interest. 
  • Palmquist and Booth as both have sections devoted to helping define paper topics.
  • Ask your instructor.
  • Ask a Saint Mary’s University librarian.

Your initial discussion board post should provide a description of your topic. Responses should offer help, refinements, encouragement, etc.

You should also include a descriptive subject line in this initial post.

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