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Guideline2020 – What to Expect

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You will be assessed on how you retain key information in this class. Emphasis on the first 4 chapters of the text and the first four lectures/power points in class. Focus on reviewing those chapters to better prepare yourself.

The assignment looks at each component of the frame work and asks some questions on each. There are a total of 14 questions, with a couple of them having the opportunity to be quite long answers and several of them being shorter answers.

Be creative in your answers – please prove to me that you retained and learned a significant portion of the key concepts and ideas that we learned in class. There are too many questions for you to pull every single key word and concept from the text and finish all questions in time.

In each of the sections of the framework, I discuss its purpose and the questions that it addresses. I then open with anywhere from 2-5 questions for you to answer, allowing you to demonstrate that you understand those sections of the framework.

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