Hello, Attach are the question for question 1 and 2 pplease be brief thanks,

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Attach are the question for question 1 and 2   pplease be brief


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Hello, Attach are the question for question 1 and 2 pplease be brief thanks,
1 You are a member of the marketing team and are getting ready to meet a new client to help them develop their IMC plan. The new client manufactures sun glasses that look like Gucci glasses but are half the price. They have indicated five goals they are interested in accomplishing: The client wants to increase demand for their product (sun glasses)The client wants to change customer beliefs towards the productThe client wants to build customer traffic to their websiteThe client wants to reinforce purchase decisionsThe client wants to encourage repeat purchasesGive an example of a marketing strategy you would recommend that would help the client achieve the marketing goal.  Explain the strategy and why you think it would be effective.  Use sentences! 2 You work as a marketing analyst and your client comes to you to discuss their company’s problem:  some time ago they began selling sun glasses over the internet, but their business is not doing very well.  Your customer asks you, “What are some ways you can recommend for our company to build a more powerful brand?”  What is your response A marketing term used to describe the number of people, households, or businesses in a target audience exposed to a media vehicle or message schedule at least one time during a given time period (usually four weeks): Group of answer choices frequency reach rating impressions   Flag question: Question 4 Question 43 pts According to the Attitudinal Change Theory, when a consumer is more apt to purchase the product with a pitch that is emotionally driven, it means the pitch should be: Group of answer choices geared to explaining the value of the product more cognitive in nature full of facts and statistics to provide  the consumer with knowledge more affective in nature   Flag question: Question 5 Question 53 pts Building a target market’s feeling to “like” the product is classified as what kind of message strategy? Group of answer choices logical affective cognitive conative   Flag question: Question 6 Question 63 pts Coupons, rebates, groupon offers, contests, exclusive sales, scattered across the internet in various locations where it will be read, noticed and spread by consumers is called: Group of answer choices real-time marketing consumer generated blogs content seeding brand equity   Flag question: Question 7 Question 73 pts From a customer’s perspective, how does a strong brand image influence whether or not the customer will make a purchase? Group of answer choices a customer is less likely to make a purchase the brand appeal must be affective a customer will have fewer options to make a purchase a customer is more assured that the purchase will be beneficial   Flag question: Question 8 Question 83 pts Holiday Inn management found that business travelers began to view the Holiday Inn as an outdated motel with old decor. Subsequently, the management team for the motel remodeled many properties to meet new standards that sent a clear message to customers that the motel was new and modern. This is an example of: Group of answer choices creating an undesirable brand image rejuvenating the current image completely changing the hotel’s strategy for pricing rooms reinforcing the current image   Flag question: Question 9 Question 93 pts How have social networking sites been able to engage a company’s target market? Group of answer choices all social media sites contain negative product reviews social networking sites have nothing to do with engaging customer interactions some social networking sites use behavior targeting tools to gather information and then use that data to target individuals when they visit Facebook social media sites contain SEO information   Flag question: Question 10 Question 103 pts If a marketing team designs a print advertisement with the website address of the company’s website to attract consumers to the company’s website to build an online brand presence, this is an example of: Group of answer choices email marketing SEO mobile marketing brand spiraling   Flag question: Question 11 Question 113 pts If Kellogg Company who is known to sell cereal creates nutrition bars that are labeled, “Kellogg Nutrition Bars,” this is an example of a branding strategy called: Group of answer choices using a brand extension using co-branding using a flanker brand using a familiarity branding   Flag question: Question 12 Question 123 pts If the manufacturer of a certain kind of rum creates a website where potential customers can find recipes to use rum to make rum cakes as well as drinks, this kind of marketing activity is called: Group of answer choices advertising brand management brand equity promotion   Flag question: Question 13 Question 133 pts If the marketing team wants to increase the probability that their company’s website can easily be seen by a customer who is searching for a product, it can be accomplished by making sure: Group of answer choices key words that a customer uses to search on are included in the content description of the product on the company’s website all of the choices are correct key word searches only have three letters the company has a Facebook account   Flag question: Question 14 Question 143 pts If you are the marketing manager in charge of selling women’s hair spray and the marketing campaign is geared to a particular group of consumers—women between the ages of 25 to 35 who live in New York City, this group of consumers who you intend to sell to is called the: Group of answer choices target market pcychographic segment product market focus group   Flag question: Question 15 Question 153 pts One of the main reasons  marketing teams develop blogs, feedback applications such as surveys, and customer reviews is to: Group of answer choices engage customers and share their feedback to help generate new customers increase SEO manufacture items at cheaper prices save money because it is cheaper than traditional advertising   Flag question: Question 16 Question 163 pts The goals for designing effective advertisements include:  Envisioning a clear message theme, selecting a message strategy and determining the executional framework. Which one goal is missing? Group of answer choices Determining the types of appeals to use Determining if warning labels are required on the product Finding a firm to provide the market research Determining the plan to provide service to the customer   Flag question: Question 17 Question 173 pts The main goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is: Group of answer choices all of the above answers are correct redesign your company’s webpage to maximize the number of products your business can offer attract visitors to your website when they search for products, services, or information related to your business to use Google rather than Yahoo   Flag question: Question 18 Question 183 pts The starting point in relation to the degree of change following a promotional campaign is called: Group of answer choices standardized measure benchmark measure post-hoc analysis marginal analysis   Flag question: Question 19 Question 193 pts This advertising term describes the amount of money spent on advertising to gain the attention of consumers and increase sales: Group of answer choices wear-Out effect threshold carry-over effect decay Effect   Flag question: Question 20 Question 203 pts What is the difference between SMS and MMS when it pertains to mobile marketing? Group of answer choices MMS is an in-app purchase MMS allows you to send pictures and videos but SMS only allows text messages SMS is an in-app purchase SMS allows you to send pictures along with text   Flag question: Question 21 Question 213 pts When consumers are convinced that an expensive car such as a BMW, Mercedes, or Range Rover is worth the money because it is manufactured with the most durable materials, this kind of product positioning strategy is called: Group of answer choices product focus positioning price quality product positioning pchyo geographic positioning product user positioning   Flag question: Question 22 Question 223 pts When developing a marketing strategy and media plan, does it matter whether or not the audience will be in an international market? Group of answer choices no, firms have a limited budget and never change their advertising strategy yes, because people throughout the world always like the same kinds of products no, marketing is universal and companies are international yes, because consumer preferences, culture, and life style may be different depending upon location   Flag question: Question 23 Question 233 pts When the marketing team uses market segmentation strategies such as gender, age, income and ethnicity, the segmentation is based on: Group of answer choices none of the choices product positioning demographics consumer groups   Flag question: Question 24 Question 243 pts When two products such as a Bissell and a Shark vacuum cleaner which are manufactured by competitor companies have almost the same set of features and are almost identical, the marketing term used to describe this is: Group of answer choices promotion brand parity brand equity brand management   Flag question: Question 25 Question 253 pts Which statement best describes methods for determining how much money a company will spend on its IMC program? Group of answer choices there are at least 7 different ways a company may determine how much it will spend the company will spend money on marketing only after all other budgets have been determined the company is more likely to spend money based on how much it believes it will sell the company will most likely spend money based on sales from the previous year   Flag question: Question 26 Question 263 pts Which statement best describes the Hierarchy of Effects model? Group of answer choices the consumer moves through six steps  that begin with awareness before making a purchase visual images are more important than verbal images all of the statements describe the Hierarchy of Effects model building brand loyalty does not require all of the steps to be reached   Flag question: Question 27 Question 273 pts Which statement is accurate about Mobile-Optimized design? Group of answer choices is a form of adaptive design which automatically adjusts the content of a website to the mobile phone screen size leads to quicker purchases and better rankings on search pages all of the above most sites have moved to an adaptive design because it increases customer interaction and leads to quicker purchases


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