Health and medical help needed to write about Discharge Teaching Plan with the below guidelines

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Teaching Plan:Guidelines 


In addition to the information presented in the week 2
introduction threaded discussion for Red Yoder, our elderly patient male
patient, the student will read an assigned case study and write a discharge
teaching plan utilizing the information gained from both sources.


1.  Review
the initial information presented regarding Mr. Red Yoder, whom you met in week
2 threaded discussion. Read the Discharge Teaching Plan Case Study located in
Doc Sharing. Take notes and highlight important points that are important to
consider when developing a discharge teaching plan.

Use Microsoft Word 2010 (or later) to fill
in the Discharge Teaching Plan form, which is located in Doc Sharing. This assignment is to be completed
with a maximum of 6 pages. You may bullet point your responses.

3.  Use
scholarly writing including correct English grammar, syntax and sentence
structure when writing in complete sentences.

Discharge Teaching Plan Case Study.docx

Discharge Teaching Plan Form.docx

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