Globalization and Education

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Globalization and Education

“It’s not just the world that’s changing education now. An orchestrated shake-up of every aspect of education is starting to change the world” (Hargraves & Shirley, 2012, p. 1).

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The readings for this week lay the groundwork for the need for changes in education. These include the need for innovation, outcome and effect on students, as well as the underlying principles of change. As you can see from the readings, a key aspect of coming to know and address the need for change in the education system is deliberately designing your own path focused on educational excellence.

In a four- to five-page essay reflect on the following:

  • Watch Dennis Shirley – Transforming Education (Shirley, 2015).
    In this video Shirley (2015) discusses “5 imperatives that have come to dominate the status quo.” Do you agree with the Shirley’s five imperatives? Why or why not?
  • This week’s required studies examined the great educational transformations taking place around the world. What struck a chord with you? Why?
  • Now, think about the various economic, technological, environmental, and political changes that are transforming the world today. What implications do they have for the future of education? Explain.
  • Is one change more influential than another? Explain.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Click here for information on course rubrics.


Shirley, D. [The Brainwaves Video Anthology]. (2015, September 24). Dennis Shirley – transforming education [Video file]. Retrieved from

Required Studies

The following materials are required studies for this week. Complete these studies at the beginning of the week and save these weekly materials for future use.

The Global Fourth Way (Hargreaves & Shirley, 2012)
  • Chapter 1: The Crisis of Educational Change
A World-Class Education (Stewart, 2012)
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Globalization and Education

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