Franchise vs Independent Concession Stand Discussion

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you need to use at least one resources to support the answers and you need to find the resources from We choose KFC as our fast-food restaurant brand and the restaurant is in the foot. this is a group assignment and my part is only the one that is bolded. (– What will be the competitive advantage of being a franchise vs. an independent concession stand.) this. don’t worry about any other questions. it just needed to be minimum 100 words.

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You are the executive team of a restaurant start-up that has been awarded a food and beverage franchise at the Raider’s stadium. You are responsible for choosing a fast-food restaurant brand. You have completed your initial plan. Now, the leadership team at the stadium would like some additional information. For this assignment, you will need to focus on three areas: added value, competitive advantage, and cost leadership.

  1. Describe how you will achieve a competitive advantage. This section needs to include:
    – What you are doing that will be different and innovative
    – What will be the competitive advantage of being a franchise vs. an independent concession stand.
    – How will both of these things (creative idea and the franchise) create a market-place advantage
    – This section is worth 9 points.
  2. Cost leadership. You will complete the financial cost analysis worksheet provided on Canvas to create a budget for your restaurant. You will be forecasting the revenue and expenses for your department for the next 5 years.
    In the written section, you will explain:
    – How did you decide on your revenue forecasts.
    – How did you decide on payroll expenses.

– Why did you decide to charge the prices you choose to charge?
– How do you expect to perform outside of football season?
– The combined excel sheet and written section will be worth 21 points.

  1. You are expected to do research to find this information. You cannot make-up the information regarding the price of robotics and salaries. Please make sure you cite your references using APA style. This means you must have a list of references at the end of your homework in alphabetical order AND you must have in-text citations. An in-test citation looks like this: Previous research suggest that consumers value the relationship they built with hosts while staying at an Airbnb-style accommodation (Belarmino, Whalen, Koh, & Bowen, 2017).
    Failure to include citations will result in a loss of points.
    Failure to follow the correct citation procedures outlined below will result in a loss of points. (Links to an external site.)
  2. Assignments without names will not be graded. Your names must be on both the excel spreadsheet and the written portion.

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