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This is a forum that have 3 different individual question. Question aren’t related to each other, so please answer each one separately ( 150 words minimum pero question)

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Forum A:
Topic One: “Make food your medicine!” Okay, did I get your attention? This quote is attributed to Hippocrates and it is getting people’s attention. Grabbing the attention of your reader is critical to engage them in your research. The first one or two sentences should hook them in, introduce your topic and help your reader decide whether they want to continue reading your paper.

For this forum, draft two hook examples for the research paper you are writing on the class’s research project. Discuss how the hooks draw readers in, create interest in the study and are presented at a level to which readers can relate.

Forum B:

  1. State your Problem Statement
  2. List your chosen hypothesis.
    It should be based on the hypothesis you worked on in forum 3c. And this chosen hypothesis should be detailed and testable (an edited version of your initial hypothesis suggestions based on my and your classmate’s feedback. This hypothesis narrows your study toward the research questions you want to ask. The hypothesis is based on the topic we chose as a class but is now specific to your area of interest within the topic. (*If I see a major issue with your hypothesis, I will ask you to adjust it, if I don’t say anything about it proceed as you have it written.)
  3. List 2-4 survey questions that will go into your data collection survey.
    Your survey questions will be asked in your very own survey monkey survey. (Looking ahead: You will use these questions, once refined, and any other questions you find that fit your narrowed study and your specific hypothesis in your survey monkey you send to your population sample.)

Forum C:

John McEnroe is known for his numerous angry outbursts on the tennis court. Is anger and violence in sports a critical part of competing? What about the fans who display rage and violence? Should this be curtailed?

Reading the scientific, peer-reviewed research can be confusing and requires practice, so you are going to practice finding, interpreting and reporting on articles in the next few weeks.

This week’s topic is anger and violence in sports. Emotions play a significant role in games for both the athlete and the spectator. This week’s forum discussion will focus on the feelings, anger, and violence, either the athlete and/or the spectator.

You are to look for a scientific, peer-reviewed research article. The best place is the library or PubMed. Do not report on a peer-reviewed review paper on the topic. A review paper summarizes several original research papers. You can use a review to help you find a scientific study. Also, a research study paper usually has the following sections: abstract, introduction, methods, results, conclusions, figures and tables. A review paper does not have these sections.

In your initial Forum post:

  • list your selected article
  • provide the reference for your chosen article
  • describe the study and the results
  • state what the study concludes
  • evaluate the article. Do you think the study made appropriate conclusions from its data? Was the study designed correctly to address the hypothesis?
  • Finally, provide your opinion on the matter. Be sure to justify your position.

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