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This document should contain all 8 chapters of the BI Project. Make any corrections necessary based on grading remarks, and modify the document to meet the following requirements:

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  1. Create a left-aligned heading at the top of the first page with four lines: Your name, Instructor’s name, Course name, and Current date on consecutive lines.
  2. As the report title, center the name of your hypothetical business.
  3. Enter your text from the chapter 1 assignment introducing your business.
  4. After the introduction, each chapter needs to start at the top of a new page.
  5. Use the following titles (centered) for each chapter:
    1. Chapter 2: Collecting Data
    2. Chapter 3: Data Warehouses
    3. Chapter 4: Data Mining
    4. Chapter 5: Text Mining
    5. Chapter 6: Decision Making
    6. Chapter 7: Big Data
    7. Chapter 8: Future Trends and Legal Issues
    8. Last Page: Sources
  6. Apply the following formatting to the whole report:
    1. Times New Roman, 12 point font
    2. One-inch margins on all 4 sides
    3. Double space the entire document with no extra space before or after paragraphs
    4. Use correct spelling and punctuation
    5. Use complete sentences
    6. Apply ½-inch first line paragraph indention to paragraphs (not chapter titles).
    7. Include a footer on every page with your name at the left, insert the page number in the center, and the semester & year at the right (see example on page 2 of the downloaded instructions).
  7. For the sources page, write bibliography information (in APA or MLA style) for any sources you used. The textbook should be a source for everyone. You may not have any more sources if you wrote your own thoughts when completing the chapters.

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