Focused writing assinment to use in revision of Descriptive Memoir essay

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I will attach my essay below to use for this assisnment.

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Writing is a process of discovery, particularly when we are writing personal narratives. The steps outlined below are aimed at helping you to:

  • Focus in on a central idea and expand on your subject from there
  • Identify and consider the significance of an experience
  • Describe a scene using vivid and compelling details
  • Explore what your experience means—what you realized, learned, began to understand, or simply began to question as a result of a particular experience


  1. Write down several additional events or experiences or memories connected to the narrative of the descriptive essay you’ve been working on—just a phrase or single word to represent the event is enough. These can be moments that stand out in some way, or experiences you remember. If you have trouble coming up with a list, consider emotions felt at the time and place you’re writing about in your essay. When were most happy, sad or afraid, etc. (allow 3 – 5 minutes).
  2. Cross out all but two or three items on your list. Keep the ones that seem to you to be the richest experiences.
  3. Eliminate all but one.
  4. Write down names of people you associate with the experience.
  5. What senses are important to it?
  6. What colors do you associate with it?
  7. What do you hear? Write down a few lines of dialogue or describe the sounds.
  8. Now imagine there is a photograph of this event. To see the photograph, focus in on the center of your experience. What is the split second that is the center? Usually this is a point of realization or change. The camera has stopped the action at that split second. What does it look like? Describe.
  9. Start writing from this center point. Write in narrative, paragraph form now for at least 10 minutes.

Complete all 9 steps showing work and keep it in list form so I can email it to my professor just like this.

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