Florida International University Launching Satellite Imagery Tweet Case Study Paper

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Assignment: For this Case, read the case carefully and write a “Tweet”. Assume you are Jim;  what should Jim do next and why? Write your conclusion in 40 words or less.

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The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize the issue. Be succinct. Quality not quantity. Do not rehash alternatives that have been rejected. Apply the knowledge from your reading of the textbook and common sense as to the question. 

Papers exceeding word limit will not be read. The purpose of this exercise is for the student to role play as a director and synthesize the issue.

TIP: If you are having trouble with your tweets, write your answer for yourself, as long as you need to make it to articulate your thinking, and keep re-writing your answer until you have taken the single most important element. In effect, don’t get tangled in long explanations; simply wordsmith your answer to a shorter version.


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