fire laws records

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Read the Case Study on page 182. The Jacksonville fire inspector performed 1670 inspections in 2012. But because he only reported 10 violations, his records were investigated.

Read the following article Fire Law: Public Records Laws (Links to an external site.) and using the both the article and Case Study on page 182 of this Chapter, create a discussion:

Discuss the following questions or create your own discussion from your observations which include information from the questions posed.

  1. In the case study on page 182, what were the inspector’s priorities?
  2. In the article, what records are considered to be public?
  3. Example 3: A firefighter responds to a fire and utilizes a personally owned helmet cam. A local TV reporter at the scene notices the helmet cam, observes the red blinking light indicating it is recording, and the following day submits a public records request for a copy of the video. Discuss Example 3. using the article.

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