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In this assignment, you will design an interview schedule and then use it to conduct interviews with two individuals about their perceptions of the juvenile justice system. As part of your interview, you will show the respondents a PDF of your fictionalized learner rap sheet avatar.

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This assignment will enable you to see how interesting and informative it can be to tap into the attitudes of respondents regarding how they view the juvenile justice system. By obtaining such data, we can learn how to create educational and informational programs to help the public understand what really goes on in the system, so that there will be greater support for improvement.

Focus your questions on how ordinary people perceive the juvenile criminal justice system. Please make sure that your study focuses on views toward the juvenile justice system, rather than on juvenile offenders themselves. Choose any two people to interview for this assignment who represent distinct social, ethnic, racial, or gender categories, so that you might be able to compare views.


Here are some possible questions to use for your interviews:


What do you do for a living?

How would you describe your “social standing” or class background?

How would you describe your political views?

What values are most important to you?

What do you think are society’s biggest problems?

Have you had personal experiences with the juvenile justice system?

Ask additional questions that delve into the backgrounds of the interviewees.

Juvenile Justice System:

Is the juvenile justice system effective and fair? If so, how?

Are there flaws in the system? If so, what are they, and how do you think they could be fixed?

How do you believe victims of juvenile crime are treated by the system?

How do you think our society in general views the juvenile justice system?

How do you believe people in your community typically feel about the ways that juvenile offenders are treated by the juvenile justice system?

Ask additional questions that delve into the perceptions of the interviewees.

In addition, show a PDF of your learner rap sheet avatar to the people you interview. Ask how the respondents feel the juvenile justice system should deal with this individual and whether this would be done effectively and appropriately.


Analyze, compare, and contrast the views of your two respondents with regard to their perceptions and evaluations of the juvenile justice system. In addition, analyze, compare, and contrast the respondents’ perceptions of your learner rap sheet avatar.

Contextualize your respondents’ views in relation to their political orientations, personal and occupational circumstances, prior experiences, and social statuses.

Assess what you feel is the impact of your respondents’ perceptions on the juvenile justice system. How do you think the public perceptions and related political ideologies you encountered during your interview affect the actual system?

In your analysis, you must apply concepts from your readings and at least one additional peer-reviewed scientific research article from a scholarly journal in the Capella University Library. These sources must be quoted, cited, and referenced. Use these sources to penetrate beneath the statements of the respondents to analyze the foundation of their views.

Submission Requirements

Written communication: It should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

Length of paper: 1,000–1,200 wor


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