ESL 223N Topic 2 Discussion Question

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Both quantity and quality are important considerations when posting substantive messages. For example, “I agree” or “I see your point” are not considered quality participation because neither add substance to the discussion. Effective responses might share personal experience, ask for clarification, or add additional information, so feel free to analyze, interpret, critique, and suggest. At least 150 words. Be sure to include cited works.


Read “Examples of Current Issues in the Multicultural Classroom,” by Alsubaie, from Journal of Education and Practice (2015).

Watch “ESL Struggles and Strategies,” located on YouTube.

Read “How I Use Multicultural Education to Impact Student Learning and Develop Critical Thinking Skills,” by Moreno, from Multicultural Perspectives (2015).

Read “Enhancing Cross-Cultural Competence in Multicultural Teacher Education: Transformation in Global Learning,” by Seeberg and Minick, from International Journal of Multicultural Education (2012).

Read “Unmasking the Myths of Structured English Immersion: Why We Still Need Bilingual Educators, Native Language Instruction, and Incorporation of Home Culture,” by Adams and Jones, from The Radical Teacher (2006).

Topic 2 Discussion Question 1

Why is it important for teachers to discern the cultural differences among their students? How can a teacher learn more about the cultures of their students? How could this new information influence lesson planning and student learning?

Topic 2 Discussion Question 2

Based on your educational experiences provide an example where the cultural needs of you or your peers were not addressed. How should it have been handled?

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