English Comp: Writing Notes Assignment, English homework help

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I need assistance with the following assignment:

Now let’s do a quick literal, surface-level reflection on your selected reading. This first milestone is very low stakes. The goal here is to get your feet wet with the selected reading and react to it in a very straightforward manner.

As you read through the material, you’ll take notes to help capture your reactions to the piece. Since you’ll use these notes as a launching point to approach the reading in a deeper, more engaging manner in a later module, it’s important to be as detailed as possible. Highlight specific lines, passages, or words that stuck out to you, and explain how they had an impact on your interpretation of the piece.

Constructing Your Writing Notes

Now that you have read your piece and taken some preliminary notes, answer the following questions. Your responses to these questions will be combined into one document that will become the basis for your Writing Notes. Try to write at least three sentences in response to each question.

(Questions & Article attached)

Thank you for any help!


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