Ecological Context Essay

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English 120

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Ecological Context Essay

Heather Rogers offers her perspective on the ecological state of trash disposed

of in America. She asks us to reexamine the waste disposal technologies that we

currently employ.

-What arguments are made by Heather Rogers?

-What environmental concerns does she raise?

Lars Eighner writes from a more personal perspective as he shares memoires from

his time as a scavenger in America. He also questions the current norms in this

country in terms of consumerism and wastefulness.

Does your perspective of Lars Eighner’s lifestyle change when you adopt

Rogers’ ecological position? Explain why or why not.

-How does your perception of Eighner’s lifestyle change after gathering

contextual research relating to his life experiences and literary works?

-How do both authors contribute to the conversation about man’s ecological

impact on this planet?

-Use at least two outside sources to support your analysis

MLA format

3 pages

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