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Saudi Arabia’s cabinet passed the e-commerce law in July 2019 to regulate the relationship
between the parties in the sector in line with the growth of e-commerce in the country. The new
regulation comes as part of the e-commerce council’s initiatives.

The ministry of commerce and investment is looking to benefit from the strong growth of e-
commerce across the Kingdom under 39 initiatives to enhance infrastructure, payment systems,
postal and logistic services. It will also provide a promising market for potential investments in
the e-commerce sector.

The Kingdom is considered one of the 10 fastest-growing states in e-commerce around the
world, with a growth rate exceeding 32 percent per year. E-commerce is also one of the pillars of
the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 under the National Transformation Program and a major contributor
to its economy.

Minister of Commerce and Investment Dr. Majid al-Qasabi said “The e-commerce law bolsters
the economy’s position and ability to keep pace with all the world’s changes and modern trading

In this assignment you need to prepare essay about the new e-commerce law in Saudi Arabia.

  • Introduce the main regulations in the new e-commerce law and who are involved?
  • What are the impacts after applying the new law to customers, online business, society
    and the national economy?
  • What are the benefits of the new regulations to both customers and e-commerce
  • Conclude the essay with your opinion about the new e-commerce law.

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