e: Although you are not being asked to prioritize your marketing tactics for a specific budget in your final healthcare marketing plan, this is an important exercise to complete as it is crucial to understand how healthcare organizations allocate funds fo

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r the Module Six worksheet task, you proposed marketing and communication strategies based on the target market and demographics for a department, program, or service of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services—strategies that align to its mission, vision, goals, and objectives. For this follow-up worksheet task, you will complete a basic budget for implementing the marketing strategies you proposed in that task.

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Prompt: First, complete the Module Eight Worksheet by listing the target market/demographic, the department/program/service, and the marketing technique for the three priorities you selected in the Module Six worksheet task. Next, address the following critical elements as outlined in the worksheet:

 Prioritization of Funds: Identify how you will allocate a portion of the funds for each priority.

 Costs: Identify the direct, indirect, hidden, and total costs in the proposed healthcare marketing budget.

 Discussion: Describe why you made the specific budgeting choices of prioritization and specific costs.


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