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Prior to posting to the forums this week, make sure to complete all of your assigned readings for the week. It is especially important to read the Discussion Posting Information Page located in the course toolkit.

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For each week, you must write at least two postings–one response to one of the questions/topics and one response to another student’s posting. (Your postings do not need to be in the same topic, in fact, I encourage you to participate in different conversation topics). Then, you will choose your two best postings (one being your response to the question and one being your response to a classmate)and submit them through this link by the deadline.


  • It is YOUR responsibility to choose your two best posts each week and copy them to this assignment link. If you do not do this, you will not receive credit for your discussion posting so make sure that you do not miss this crucial step.
  • To participate in a discussion forum, simply click on it to enter it and hit the “reply” button.
  • Make sure to read the Discussion Posting Information located in the Course Toolkit course module.
  • Remember, if many people have already responded to one question and you cannot contribute something new to the discussion, move on to another question!


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