Discussion and Replies 2

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The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about how people use various principles of influence in order to get others to comply with their requests.

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This assignment is worth a total of 10 points. If you do not post your own response to this assignment any day before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, 10/27, SIX points will be deducted from your total. In addition, if you do not meaningfully reply to at least two other students any day before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, 10/27, TWO points will be deducted from your total for each missing reply. After you have completed all the components of this assignment, I will grade the assignment and post your score (along with some comments) in the course’s online gradebook. I will not accept late posts!

1) Go to Improv Everywhere: Where’s Rob? and watch the “Where’s Rob?” clip. As you watch the video clip, consider the six widely used and successful principles of influence that are explained in the textbook on page 182 (reciprocation, commitment/consistency, authority, social validation, scarcity and liking/friendship). Just for fun, you may want to watch other video clips on the page—Improve Everywhere is a VERY creative group!

2) Open a new thread on the Compliance Discussion Board forum and answer the following question:

Pick any TWO of the six widely used principles of influence explained in the textbook (listed in part 1 of these instructions) and explain how the “agents” in the Improv Everywhere group could use those two principles when talking to the people sitting near them at the basketball game into order to get them to help them find their “lost” friend, Rob. Because there are only six principles, it is obvious that you’ll be discussing the same principles that one or more of your classmates will discuss. That’s fine, but do NOT simply copy your classmates’ ideas–expand on them, or discuss your ideas from another perspective. (6 points)

3) Read and meaningfully reply to at least TWO other students’ posts. (4 points)


1. This was honestly one of the funniest videos I have ever seen! It was hilarious I enjoyed it so much! The two principles of influence that the “agents” in the Improv Everywhere group could use with the people around them are, social validation and liking/friendship. As soon as the agents got a couple of people trying to help them out with getting Rob’s attention, more and more people could join in. This is because the people around them would see that everyone else was helping out to. This is an example of using the social validation principle. People will feel comfortable and eager to help locate lost Rob if they see other people helping too. The agents could also make themselves likable so that the people around them could feel like they could help them find their lost friend. If people see them as overall likable and friendly people, the more likely people around them will be influenced in helping them find poor lost Rob. This would be an example of using the liking/friendship principle. I think both of these principles of influence would be very effective in getting the crowd at the basketball game to help the agents find their “lost” friend Rob.

2. The two principles of influence in the text I chose to explore are social validation and liking/friendship. Social validation can help the Improv Everywhere Group to get the people around them to participate in helping them. In this video it seemed people could have been more willing to help when they saw the actors are people just like them. The more people that got involved; the more people started joining in on helping. The fact that they were posing as Knicks fans helped the people around them feel social validation and this could be why so many people were trying to help them find Rob. If this group fits in to be like those around them, by doing this might increase the chances of more people helping them. The other one I chose is liking/friendship. This explains that people are more willing to help people they know or like. Liking/friendship could help Improv Everywhere Group get more people to respond and help. In the video I noticed the more this group laughed and mingled with the Group the more people felt comfortable or more willing to help them find their friend Rob. The liking/friendship principle of influence is a good tactic to build a relationship with those around them which can increase stranger’s willingness to help them.


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