Discuss the political culture of Texas (200 words ), history homework help

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  1. Discuss the political culture of Texas. Do you accept what Professor Elazar has identified as the dominant political culture in Texas?

Answer: The political culture of Texas is a very unique one, and in my beliefs is always changing. The people of the great state of Texas are always changing and in doing so making the political culture change. I agree with the textbook that a major factor of the political cutler resides in the simple size of the state. A state with such great size will bring different factors that are going to affect people and their political beliefs. For example someone in Austin TX will most likely have a different opinion of someone living in the small town of Gatesville TX. The physical environment is not the only thing that will play a role in a state’s political culture. The people of the state will play a much bigger role in my opinion. Texas is a melting pot of people from all over our great nation, therefore I am not surprised that Professor Elazar found the state of Texas between traditionalistic and individualistic. The professor believed that a major factor of the political culture was found to be with the state prior historical views on slavery. I seem to agree with this statement. In my opinion the southern states are much less likely to reform or change the political views. All the same you can ask someone from California or someone from northern Maine which states has the most patriotic residents and nine times out of ten they will tell you Texas. This pride and loyalty are another huge factor that must be considered when thinking about the state’s political culture.  

agree with this stament minmum 200 words please!



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