developing a management

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You have been asked to create a communication plan as part of the interview process for a management position on your team. In your plan, be sure to discuss:

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  • Team Dynamics: Before you can develop a plan to manage yourself and your team, you must first analyze the team dynamics of the specific team. This analysis will then inform the development of your collaboration strategies. As you analyze the team dynamics, be sure to:
    • Describe the age and cultural differences among the people on the team.
    • Based on these differences, describe the implicit biases that might be at play on the team. Explain how these biases may impact team communication.
    • Describe difficult situations that may occur with challenging employees on the team. How will these situations make communication more difficult? For example, what might happen when you have to manage your coworkers who were not promoted?
  • Personal Approach: As part of your communication plan, the hiring committee has asked you to explain how you will manage yourself as a leader. Specifically, how will you use what you know about emotional intelligence to analyze your personal approach to management? How will this knowledge help you manage the specific team dynamics? As you describe your personal approach, be sure to:
    • Describe how you will assess your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and your plan to continuously improve these skills.
    • Explain how you will address your own biases and use empathy when communicating with the diverse team.
    • Explain how you will manage your emotions when working with challenging team members.
  • Collaboration Strategies: The hiring committee has also asked you to explain your strategy for collaborating with the team. As you develop your plan, be sure to:
    • Explain how you can create a safe, open environment that encourages feedback to build relationships within the team. For example, will you establish specific group norms?
    • Describe how you will take culture and age into consideration. How will you promote effective collaboration within this diverse team? For example, how will you ensure that communication is relevant and appropriate for all members of the team?
    • Describe the strategies you will use to collaborate with challenging employees. For example, how will you manage the employees who did not receive the promotion?

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Communication Plan
Develop your personal approach to managing a team and plan your collaboration strategies. Explain how you will create a positive and productive team dynamic. Your communication plan must be 750–1,500 words in length, or about 3 to 6 pages (plus a cover page and references). Make sure to cite all sources appropriately.

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