Description In this assignment, students will critique another student’s analysis of a previously developed case study. Instructions On MONDAY of this unit, you will be assigned a partner with w

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In this assignment, students will critique another student’s analysis of a previously developed case study.


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On MONDAY of this unit, you will be assigned a partner with whom you will assume the roles of analyzer and critiquer.

The chosen analyzer will post their Case Study Report, previously submitted in Part 3 of this project, for the critiquer to read.

Only you, your partner, and the instructor will have access to your group’s discussion within the forum

The analyzer will post their Case Study Report for the critiquer to review and comment on.

Use the issues you glean regarding the case analysis and reply to the post with a critique.

Write a 3-4 page critique of the analysis in Word (or equivalent). Apply the usual APA formatting for titles, headings, and any references you may use.

Ask questions and make observations about the case methodology, type of data and sources used, and manner in which he or she approached the analysis.

Include questions, observations, and suggestions about how what they did in the case study might apply to the analysis of their chosen company for the final project.

Respond to the critique by answering your partner’s questions and defending your choices. Response to critique – any length.

These responses should be a reply within the discussion itself (not an attached Word doc) and should follow the same format in terms of length and style as a Peer Response in a Discussion

And at the end give marks to the assignment.

I have attached the case on which you have to critique.

I also had attached a sample paper of my friend who had already done this. You can do same as he had done.

I need it in one hour, because I have submission at 8 o’ clock

Description In this assignment, students will critique another student’s analysis of a previously developed case study. Instructions On MONDAY of this unit, you will be assigned a partner with w
12 Running head: Case Study Report 3 Research Project Part 3: Case Study Report Name – Simrat Kaur Student Id – 2018100225 Busi 4013 Business Organization Analysis 11/11(22W-C-BC_9C) Professor – Thomas Jones Yorkville University February 10th 2022 Introduction Enbridge Inc. is a leading North American energy company, with a strategic business platform that includes a large network of crude oil pipelines, liquids, and natural gas pipelines, as well as regulated resources for natural gas distribution and renewable energy generation(Enbridge,2022). Calgary, Alberta, Canada is home to the company’s headquarters and it was founded in 1949(Enbridge,2022). Through the Mainline and Express Pipelines, the Company safely transports 2.8 million barrels of crude oil per day; comprises approximately 65 percent of Canadian crude oil exports to the United States; and transports about 20 percent of all natural gas used in the United States, providing essential services and demand markets(CNNews,2019). In Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, the Company’s controlled services serve approximately 3.7 million retail customers. Enbridge also owns more than 2,500 MW renewable energy sources in North America and Europe(CNNews,2019). For the past nine years, the Company has been included in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations index; their regular shares are traded under the ENB brand in the Toronto and New York stock markets(Enbridge,2022). In the paper the case study about the Nestle supply chain was analyzed and after it is compared to the Supply Chain Management of Enbridge Inc. Moreover, this paper will describe Enbridge Organizational Structure, the supply chain framework of Enbridge Inc., Lifecycle process of an Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Enbridge Organizational Structure (Enbridge,2017). Description about Enbridge Organizational Structure Chart: (1). An unincorporated trust governed by the laws of Alberta. (2). Incorporated under laws of Canada. (3). Incorporated or established under the laws of Alberta. (4). Incorporated under the laws of Saskatchewan(Enbridge,2017). Supply Chain Management Enbridge Inc.’s supply chain, which includes contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and consultants, plays a key role in the company’s ability to meet its social responsibility obligations and achieve its sustainability goals(Enbridge,2017). To that end, they seek out industry-leading providers, ready to uphold their core values ​​of honesty, safety, and respect, adhere to their core policies and procedures, including the Enbridge Statement of Business Ethics, and share their commitment to the highest standards(Enbridge,2018). In addition, their policies and management systems Supply Chain Management (SCM) continue to prioritize the provision of opportunities for Indigenous socio-economic participation. There are Four Performances Objectives are as follow: Procurement of goods and services that meet their environmental management standards. Increasing opportunities for local businesses, small and medium enterprises, to participate in their supply chain(Enbridge,2017). Increasing opportunities for Indigenous peoples to participate in their socio-economic delivery program. Purchase goods and services that meet their safety and ethical requirements(Enbridge,2018). Management Approach They work with tens of thousands of providers across North America, from large international companies to small local businesses. Their suppliers cover a wide range of fields, including manufacturing, construction, engineering, distribution, and consultation, but pipeline production, construction of their pipelines and services, maintaining the efficiency of their systems, and monitoring to ensure the integrity of their systems for the bulk of their annual revenue(Enbridge,2018). SCM Structure They have a single, mid-range SCM function that works for the entire company. Oversees all areas of supply chain management, from planning and management to procurement and logistics management, contract management, and strategic acquisition, with the aim of maximizing the value of Enbridge and partners(Enbridge, 2018). Their SCM work also consists of staff working in one place to help us integrate Indigenous interactions, as well as other environmental and social considerations and opportunities, in their SCM programs and activities. SCM Governance All of Enbridge’s SCM operations are governed by its core values ​​of integrity, safety, and respect, as well as various policies and procedures, which they continually update and improve as their business grows(Enbridge, 2017). Here are some examples of governing documents: Supplier Code of Conduct, Business Ethics Statement, Corporate Liability Policy, Indigenous Policy, SCM Policy, and Purchasing Control Policy are also available(Enbridge,2018). How SCM Integrates Environment, Social and Governance Factor Their SCM processes are designed to acquire goods and services that meet our environmental, social, and ethical requirements. achieve this goal by incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their choice of providers and relationship management processes, including pre-qualification, proposal applications (RFPs), proposal assessments, contracts, and provider performance management(Enbridge,2018). Lifecycle Process of an Enbridge Pipeline Inc. Design and Construction Enbridge’s power infrastructure is designed to be safe and reliable before, during, and after construction. As they build pipeline projects, they make sure to minimize their track record and actively manage any consequences to communities and the environment(Enbridge,2017). They use existing routes to and from construction sites whenever possible, minimizing temporary workloads and minimizing ground disturbances(Enbridge,2022). Field Surveys and skating To better understand the environmental, development, and environmental challenges, field surveys are conducted in a systematic manner (ROW). The area is marked with poles when the route is completed(Enbridge,2017). Working with landowners They are working with landowners to develop project-specific biosecurity systems, which include keeping all of their equipment clean and free of weeds, soil, and debris(Enbridge,2022). Depending on the amount of hazard in the construction site, they also take steps to control and control weeds and soil-borne diseases(Enbridge,2017). Grading The bottom ROW along the ROW is planned to allow for the construction of safe pipelines once the topsoil has been excavated and stored for data purposes Bending Workers bend the pipe sections to meet technical standards and follow international concerts. Welding Through well-selected and tested tubes, the pipe is welded to pieces and eventually into a long section. X-ray or ultrasound equipment is used to examine each weld. Coating A corrosion inhibitor is applied to all parts of the pipe, including the welding joints. Lowering-in The pipe is lowered into the ditch using multiple side-booms or cranes. Trenching The drainage ditch is dug with backhoes or wheel ditches. River Crossings Pipes are placed under major rivers or in critical areas using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology. Backfilling The subsoil is carefully filled and covered with trench. Hydrostatic testing To ensure the strength of the pipe and welds, each section is filled with water and is subject to high operating pressure. Cleanup and Reclamation ROW has been restored to its original condition. Other restoration methods include planting trees and monitoring the environment, as well as replacing and replanting the topsoil(Enbridge,2022). Operations and maintenance Once the pipe is installed, it has a high life expectancy due to safe operation. Preventive, monitoring, and rehabilitation activities are all important(Enbridge,2022). They strive to meet or exceed expectations. In the United States and Canada, safety and reliability laws are in place(Enbridge,2017). Decommissioning Enbridge pipes shut off or closed are not the responsibility of landowners. Safety Lastly, they may want to look at all the ways in which Enbridge works to ensure public safety in all their facilities and services as they look at what they are doing to better plan, build, operate, and repair pipelines(Enbridge,2017). Conclusion To conclude, they work closely with their suppliers and them accountable to the same environmental, social, ethical and safety standards to which they hold themselves. The corporation with exact control in the supply chain is much more likely to attain their desires both short-term and long term (Moodle, Zoom ,2022). Moreover, the supply chain case of Nestle was helpful to analyze the supply chain of Enbridge Inc. (Business Case Studies, n.d.). Supply chain of Enbridge Inc. is not similar to Nestle coffee. Their lifecycle process is totally different because they processed crude, Natural oil pipelines, Liquids and many more renewable energies and soon. As the supply chain of Enbridge Inc. business is complex. They meet the demand of their expansion operations across North America, their rely upon a network of suppliers and contractors to help them construct pipelines and facilities, provide needed equipment and supplies, they deliver specialized expertise and serve customers and other stakeholders. Reference Business Case Studies. (n.d.). Coffee – The supply chain: A Nestlé case study. Business Case Studies. Retrieved from (Moodle, Zoom February 7, 2022). Enbridge, I. (2018.). Supply Chain Management. Home – Enbridge Inc. Retrieved February 12, 2022, from Enbridge, I.(2017.). Supply Chain Management. Home – Enbridge Inc. Retrieved February 12, 2022, from Enbridge, I. (2017.). Enbridge Pipelines Inc. (“Enbridge … – Enbridge Organizational Structure . Retrieved February 12, 2022, from Enbridge, I. (2022). The lifecycle of an Enbridge pipeline. Lifecycle of an Enbridge Pipeline – Enbridge Inc. Retrieved February 12, 2022, from Yorkville , U. (2014). Busi 2014 Business Organization Analysis Project . Retrieved February 12, 2022, from CNN, B. (Ed.). (2019). Enbridge Inc. CNNMoney. Retrieved February 12, 2022, from Enbridge, C. (2022). Company overview. Company Overview – Enbridge Management. Retrieved February 12, 2022, from
Description In this assignment, students will critique another student’s analysis of a previously developed case study. Instructions On MONDAY of this unit, you will be assigned a partner with w
Running Head: Critical Analysis Exercise 6 Critical Analysis Exercise Gagandeep Kaur 2019021161 Yorkville University New Westminster Campus BUSI 4013: Business Organization Analysis Professor: Thomas Jones 29 November 2021 Critical Analysis Exercise Introduction In the previous week, everyone learners were allocated to work on a Nestle case study in which they researched as much about supply chain management as well as compared it to their assigned firms. This week, we’ve been tasked with critiquing each other’s case study assignments. As a result, in this assignment, I will examine the strengths and weaknesses of my classmate’s (author) research work. In addition, I will make some suggestions on the assignment in the upcoming paragraphs. Analysis The introduction was effective since the idea of supply chain management was described in the beginning of the case study report and supplemented with facts from a reliable source. Nestle coffee business information was given, and the thesis lines make it obvious that the author will utilise the Nestle case approach to examine the supply chain of Enbridge Inc. and identify concerns and obstacles in Nestle coffee company supply chain management. The introduction impressed me that it must be an excellent case study. Critique on the assignment Strengths: – In this section, the author says that the case study should include clear information on the issues and even some details about the firm. Furthermore, a case study will include all relevant facts regarding the situation from beginning to end. The author considered that suggestions should be presented at the end of the case study. It’s a good thing the author defined the key components of every case study. According to the author, comprehensive introduction of the issue, background of the firm, suggestions, and conclusion should be presented in Enbridge Inc. case study. The writer was successful in creating a case study framework for his own research firm. Furthermore, the author informs the reader that the supply chain in each organisation is 70% different, with multiple pathways and requirements. They both pose the same danger to the company’s product in the outset, but they don’t follow the same path to the ultimate release. External research sources were used to cite and evaluate all the research. Weakness: – The writer did not bring up the history of Enbridge Inc Firm, including what the business is about and what services or goods it offers. I had to Google this firm to learn more about it. The author noted in prior work that Enbridge Inc Company provides superior services than its rivals, but the assignment lacks specific details about what those goods are and how they vary from rivals. Recommendations The researcher did a wonderful job of presenting the case study and offering a case study framework. Because the writer was comparing Nestle coffee with Enbridge Inc, he should also include background information on both firms. Additional information on the Enbridge Inc Company, including how the present market is still performing well, must be provided. It was advised that Enbridge Inc Company get data on its rivals as well as market expansion, but the author could narrow down the methods by which Enbridge Inc Company should gather information. A corporation should examine internet reports of competing firms, their position, and reading a review of individuals is also a smart option. Conclusion To conclude, the assignment includes all the necessary elements. A case study was given in a clear and instructive manner. Given the facts supplied in the Nestle coffee case study, the writer contrasted the supply chain management of Nestle and Enbridge Inc Company. In other sections, the researcher misses the mark since he does not give information about the company’s background or ways that the Enbridge Inc Company should apply knowledge from the Nestle case study. In a nutshell, I believe the writer’s findings and explanations were realistic. Activity/Competencies Demonstrated % of Final Grade 1. Content (60%)     a. Identifies the elements of the case study 8/10   b. Identifies the methods of research used in the case study 7/10   c. Evaluate the appropriateness of the case study methods in this case 10/15   d. Determine the criteria by which the company was suitable for case study research 20/25 2. Communication (25%)     a. Uses language clearly and effectively 8/10   b. Information organized intelligently and holistically (i.e., not simply answers to questions) 8/10   c. Proper introduction and conclusion to paper 4/5 3. Attention to Detail (15%)     a. APA Formatting (title, headings, and references) 7/10   b. Spelling and Grammar 4/5 Total 76/100

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