Dear Students, 1. Again, greetings! Please watch the video by Eurythmics (Youtube). Enjoy their song, “Sweet Dreams.” Focus on how the video deals with dreams, perceptions of others and oneself, re

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Dear Students,

1. Again, greetings! Please watch the video by Eurythmics (Youtube). Enjoy  their song, “Sweet Dreams.”  Focus on how the video deals with dreams, perceptions of others and oneself, reality, illusion, nature, oppression and imagination.

1 A. Please write an academic paragraph responding to what you understand as the content of the video and the song’s lyrics. If you identify with any of these themes as they are presented in the video, you can include it In this paragraph. You can read about the song on the web, but I am more interested in your personal views.

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What is your dream at Bmcc? Respond to it on the chat (in class) and respond to one fellow student’s post.

2. Post a LIST of the elements of your brief but accurate research on the notion of dreams as they are presented by Sigmund Freud and C. G. Jung. For your information, you can use any academic site or Google  Please focus on Jung’s collective unconscious because of its cultural value.

3. Please write sentences with accurate punctuation. Give examples of two simple sentences, two compound sentences, one with coordination and one with a transitional word, and two complex sentences, one starting with an independent clause and one starting with a dependent clause. Please define the notion of an academic paragraph as we studied it in class.

4. Please write another academic paragraph on an iconic figure in your culture or in your community. Please do not forget to explain why it is an iconic figure. If you feel the need to research on that particular person, it is fine; just give the source of your information. And write it in your own words.

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