Culture difference

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Cultural Differences in Goals and Values. Analyze your understanding of the “Cultural Pluralism” theory vs. the “Melting Pot Theory.” How does this analysis help you understand your work with diverse families?

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2. Select two articles from the publication, Communicating Effectively with Parents found in the Learning Module. Write one or more thorough and thoughtful paragraphs about each article highlighting the most important points that you learned about communicating with parents.

3. Read, “What to Do When Conflicts Arise” on pages 158 through 162. Go back and reread, the problem-solving strategy, RERUN on page 161 & 162. Read, Strategy Box 7.1 on page 162 which is a review of RERUN. View the video clip on Conflict Resolution in the Learning Module. Following, read a “Cultural Bump” in your text on page 163. Take this scenario and explain how you would come to a resolution with this family following the RERUN steps to include strategies you have learned after reading, “What to Do When Conflicts Arise,” and viewing the video clip, “Conflict Resolution.” OR… You can use RERUN and the information you have gained through your reading and viewing assignments to support a conflict that you have experienced in the past or anticipate experiencing in the future involving one of your student’s parent and/or guardian.

4. Read, “Supporting Home Language,” pages 167 through 170. What are the three most important points that you learned from this section in terms of working with early language learners and their families?

Chapter 8 Essay Questions

1. In one paragraph describe the major ideas, ideals and/or theoretical perspectives that you learned regarding Guidance vs Discipline. Reference to the Chapter 8 reading assignment and the PowerPoint, Working with Families on Guidance Issues.

2. Read the Article, Replacing Time-Out: Part One ~ Using Guidance to Build an Encouraging Classroom. A. After reading this article, how do you view time-out? B. State your reasoning for your opinion whether you agree or disagree with time-out. Do not confuse, “time-away” for a cooling-off period as “time-out.” Some children need time to think, ponder or cool-off. It is very important that this short period of time be followed up with a conversation (mediation) so that the child understands the mistaken behavior. C.Touch on what it means to be a guidance professional while creating an encouraging classroom.

3. What did you gain from the handout, “Tell Me What To Do Instead!” B. How would you use the handout to support families whose guidance approach is full of “negatives.”

4. Go back and review “Guidance as Responding to Unacceptable Behavior,” on Pages 185 – 187. A. Select 1 of these approaches and describe how you would support families in using this strategy to create teachable moments for their children. Always keep in mind, we can’t teach what we don’t know. This is true for parents as well as teachers.

5. How has this Learning Module changed you or modified your thinking as a parent and/or potential teacher?

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