Critical strategic decision: to focus or diversify?

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[To focus or diversify is a critical strategic decision to the success or failure of companies and individuals alike. The decision ultimately depends on each situation, which includes industry stability or dynamics, company stage of development and resources, the synergy between the activities in question, and so on. Think of a “focus or diversify” decision through YOUR OWN experience (either in work or personal context). Describe how that decision was made and the rationale. Apply the strategy concepts and tools in the chapter to evaluate that decision, the factors affecting that decision, and whether you think that was a good decision and why.]

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Need help with this assignment since unfortunately I really haven’t had the opportunity to make this kind of decision in my personal or work experience. Length guideline is roughly one-page in length, single-spaced, and quality of thinking is valued more than quantity, and you are encouraged to use bullet points and short sentences. I’ve included chapter sections and lecture regarding diversification.

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