Criminal 2-2

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Setting Goals and Objectives

This week you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation that establishes the goal and explains the related objectives for the Fictionland Police Department. Your presentation should include:

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  • The goal statement specifying the desired outcome(s) to be obtained by the Fictionland Police Department.
  • The specific objectives for goal(s) established for the Fictionland Police Department. Make sure that each objective covers the four main components: time frame, target population, results, and criterion to be used.
  • The analysis and explanation of the participation of individuals or agencies in goal setting with a recommendation of the goal-setting approach (top-down, bottom-up or middle-of-the-road) to be used by the Fictionland Police Department.
  • The intervention hypothesis or the impact model for Fictionland Police Department that analyzes the proposed intervention and its goals.

Make certain that you support your analysis with proper reasoning and research data. Use structured text like bolding, headings, bulleted lists, and charts/tables where appropriate to increase the clarity of your communication.

Submit your Setting Goals and Objectives document in a six to seven slide PowerPoint presentation.

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