Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses the question of using animals in medical experiments.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses the question of using animals in medical experiments. Both, Skinner and Harlow’s aim for observing the behaviour of the animals was different from one another. Harlow wanted to form a theory that would prove whether newborns are closer to their mothers due to “cupboard love” which means if they are close to their mothers because they present them with food or due to “stimuli” i.e. because they provide them with warmth and love. (Custance D., 2012) Skinner, however, wanted to know how the rats and pigeons will react upon pressing the lever and every time getting something to eat, i.e. consequence to behaviour.

His research was based on Thorndike’s idea that getting food depended upon the right act. The way both the psychologists carried out their research was very different from each other. Skinner would place his rat in a maze and it had to find its way to reach the end and find food, in this case finding food was the consequence of behaviour. Initially, the rat would start with entering dark alleys, however, with time the rat will become more efficient.

This took a lot of time so Skinner came up with the idea of “Skinner Box”. Rats and pigeons were kept in that box, when they pressed the lever a small amount was dropped into a tray inside the box which could be eaten. Different methods are tried to test how patient and curious the animals are. This box gives the model of a “controlled environment”. The times the lever is pressed by the rat are recorded. This box reduced the chance of distractions. (Toates F., 2012)

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To test the theory of behaviourism Harlow formed two sorts of proxy monkey figures. the first type was called the “terry-cloth” mother. This was made using a slab of wood which was covered with rubber and further covered with a towel. A light bulb was also attached which gave a feeling of mild heat. The second type of proxy monkey was made of wire and was not very comfortable to hold onto. Both the types had bottles of milk inserted in them. He used eight baby monkeys.

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