Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses christianity, islam, and judaism during the middle ages.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses christianity, islam, and judaism during the middle ages. All the actions happened due to empowered religious leaders at that time. A detailed look at the religious practices of Christians, Muslims, and Jews clearly reveals the inhuman acts that took place in the middle ages. These religions engaged in wars and battles in an attempt to neutralize each other and remained dominant. In addition, the powers and authority of various leaders are also revealed.

The church became dominant and influential across the world during the middle age period. Although many churches were available during that time, Catholicism was the most recognized denomination (Johnson, 2012). The church dominated and influenced many people across the globe. The church accommodated both the noble and peasants in society. As a result of their efforts, various wealthy people and the states donated and allocated the church enough money to conduct its activities in the community. The church became a vibrant institution that funded its operations and catered for the vulnerable and the disabled in the society during those times.

Furthermore, the church became independent and influential in society as a whole. It owned vast tracts of land, constituted, and operated on its laws. Members of the congregation were expected to conduct and behave in line with the rules and expectations of the church. Due to various activities and practices it did, the church required more money and resources to operate smoothly and fulfill its targets. As a result, the church collected taxes among its followers and other well-wishers (Johnson, 2012). In addition, they accepted offerings and gifts from both the wealthy members of the congregations and society. The formulation of laws and the collection of taxes gave leaders of the church massive authority and power in the community. They commanded respect from both the locals and the political leaders such as kings and presidents of various countries and states. Moreover, they were given the power to deal with deviant members of the congregation and excommunicate those who disobeyed and violated the set rules and regulations of the church.

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