Course Project 5

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The main tool used in the Control phase of DMAIC is the Process Control Chart (often called Statistical Process Control). This chart or graph shows how a process changes over time. Data are plotted in time order. A Control Chart always has a central line for the average. The Chart also shows an upper line for the upper control limit and a lower line for the lower control limit. This data helps us to control processes, to predict outcomes, and to monitor the process.

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After we look at the Process Control Chart below, we will conduct a Process Audit. We evaluate the process, looking for “out of control” elements and where the process is not working. We want to make sure the process is stable and meets requirements. We must know where we need to make changes in the process. This 4-minute video helps to explain how and why we use Process Control Charts and Audits (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..


We will reference this Process Control Chart example in our assignment.

Process Control Chart Example

Process Control Chart Example

Assume the Process Control Chart example above represents a new process you and your team developed. You must develop a Process Audit using a Word document to summarize and validate the new process. You must determine which “time” attributes are out of control (above the upper control limit and below the lower control limit), and develop a Process Audit. During complex projects, this information can help you conduct additional root cause analysis, and investigations to determine why your project results are not maintaining the gains expected.

Download the Process Audit template stored here. You will use this template for this assignment.

Develop a Process Audit to determine what went wrong so you can make corrections and bring the process into control. This could include reviewing daily Control Charts to determine if the “out of control” incidents were during specific shifts, with specific employees or operator changes, specific material lots that might have been defective, etc.

Your Process Audit should include the following information. The headings for this information are in the template.

  • Summary of the Process
    • These are “out of control” findings based on your observations from the chart.
  • Process Control Data
    • These are known or suspected sources of variation. For example: days or time of the failures from your review of the control charts.
  • Operator Competence and Awareness Issues
    • This could include corrective actions like increased surveillance to maintain gains and prevent future “out of control” issues.
  • Frequency of Process Reviews
    • These would be ongoing reviews to ensure the process remains in-control.

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