Could someone take this assignment This week, you continue your assessment of the organization you selected in Week 1 when you prepare a report on leadership styles for the leadership team. The jour

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Could someone take this assignment

This week, you continue your assessment of the organization you selected in Week 1 when you prepare a report on leadership styles for the leadership team. The journey to successful organizational change can be long and requires you to demonstrate your innovative leadership skills as a manager to support sustainable change. Helping your leadership team recognize that what they’ve always done will not get them where they want to go, and that means a rigorous assessment of the leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change.

Assessment Deliverable

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Write a 700 word leadership styles report, including the following:

  • Restate the needed change within the organization you have been working on throughout this course, based on your Week 1 and Week 2 assessments.
  • Examine the various leadership styles you explored in Week 3 in the context of the organizational culture and proposed change. Explain the styles you considered and any supporting rationale for why you considered them.

Justify which leadership style or approach you recommend to best support the organizational change by doing the following:

  • Explain how this style will support sustainable organizational success.
  • Explain how this style integrates the organization’s mission and vision.
  • Explain how this style will increase value for stakeholders.
  • Format any citations and references according to APA guidelines.

Could someone take this assignment This week, you continue your assessment of the organization you selected in Week 1 when you prepare a report on leadership styles for the leadership team. The jour
Behavioral Theory Laissez-Faire Transformational Leadership Leadership Contingency Theories Do not provide no motivation are support systems for their workers. Laissez faire leadership is often affiliated with a lack of responsibility. Are normally seen as a casual observers who allow episodes to happen. Can work at their own pace and encourage activity The Transformational leadership focus on inspiring and followers to achieve their potential. Are held in higher much higher responsibility and performance. Transformational leadership was found to lead subordinates to perceive the culture as more innovative compared to transactional contingent reward. Create a shared sense of purpose within teams and inspire people to work toward common goals. The contingency theory focus on different variables in a specific setting that determine the style of leadership. Focus on creating a shared vision and aligning the goals of the followers with the goals of the organizations. Transactional contingent reward led employees to perceive the culture as more goal, than innovation, oriented. Contingency leadership assumes leadership assumes that there is no one size fits all approach. References Rizvi, H. (2023, February 21). Laissez Faire Vs Transformational Leadership: How They Differ?,through%20personal%20attention%20and%20rewards The Difference Between Transactional and Transformational Leadership. (n.d.).
Could someone take this assignment This week, you continue your assessment of the organization you selected in Week 1 when you prepare a report on leadership styles for the leadership team. The jour
LDR/535 v4 Organizational Change Chart Organizational Information Select an organization that needed a change to its culture as you complete the organizational change information chart. For each type of information listed in the first column, include details about the organization in the second column. Indicate your suggested actions for improvement in the third column. Type Details Suggested Actions for Improvement Vision Fostering a workplace culture where employees feels included and everyone wins. Walmart should working conditions and should have voluntary overtime. Mission Helping people around the world save money and live better. Focus on the lowest most competitive price and future technology. Purpose Helping people to live a better and renew the planet. While build thriving resilient communities. Expansion of business to global markets. Values Respect, Excellence, Integrity, Service to the customer Hire more people, Retaining employees would help because they will be more experienced and better to help the customer. Diversity and Equity Walmart aims to advance diversity equity and inclusion within our company and society. They are focus on creating a more diverse inclusive team at every level. Associate are engaged to deliver on our equity and inclusion within our purpose of saving people money Inclusion Understanding respecting and valuing diversity unique styles experiences identities, ideas and opinions Employee treatment and working conditions Goal Believe in delivering value to their customers creating economic opportunity for associates and suppliers. Walmart needs to improve technical issues with Walmart website. Strategy Walmart business strategies is too to make every day easier for busy families. Walmart has the opportunity to create strategic partnership with major firms or merge with global retailers. Communication Walmart goa was to make content creation and distribution workflows more agile efficient and adaptable. Bringing advanced improvements in global supply chain and distribution network. Organizational Perceptions Considering the same organizational culture and change goal, rate your agreement from 1 to 5 in the second column with the statement in the first column. Use the following scale: Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Neither agree nor disagree Somewhat agree Strongly agree Statement Rating (1 – 5) Employees know the organization’s vision. Employees know the organization’s mission. Employees know the organization’s purpose. Employees know the organization’s values. Overall, the organization is diverse and equitable. Diverse groups are included in decision making and processes for change. The change goal was successfully met. The implementation strategies were effective. The organization’s communication about the change was effective. Kotter’s 8-Steps to Change Consider the goal for organizational change that you identified and the existing organizational culture. For each of Kotter’s 8-Steps to Change listed in the first column, rate whether you observed that step during the implementation process in the second column. Use the following scale to rate your observation: Never observed Rarely observed Sometimes observed Often observed Identify actions you suggest for improvement in the third column. Step Name Rating (1 – 4) Suggested Actions for Improvement Step 1: Create Urgency. Organizational sales and building new organizational structure. Step 2: Form a Powerful Coalition. New leader need to tap in the talent of existing managers and integrate then in change management efforts. Step 3: Create a Vision for Change. Provide all opportunities for all associates too learn and grow Step 4: Communicate the Vision. One on One conversations use multiple forms of media have team meetings do seminars Step 5: Remove Obstacles. Removing negative employees and unproductive management behavior Step 6: Create Short-Term Wins. Reward employees for achieving short term wins, Step 7: Build on the Change. Based training and employer funded education can help employees move up in roles Step 8: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture. Through higher wages and new opportunities to gain the skills to serve to customers and grow a career with Walmart References Tillman, M. (2003, March 1). A model for change: with the comprehensive eight-step Kotter Model, contract managers finally have an effective approach for leading change within their organizations. Contract Management, 43(3), 8. Walmart Inc SWOT Analysis’ 2023, Walmart Inc SWOT Analysis, pp. 1–9, viewed 14 May 2023, < Copyright 2022 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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