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Each student (individually or by approved teams)
will complete a research paper for the course, applying framework of global
marketing analysis.  The paper is due by Session 26 in two copies (the hard one will be
returned with the notes and the e-mailed one to keep).
Early papers are
welcome.  The subject of the paper is
focused on the corporate marketing
worldwide that are of interest to the student/team.  The typical format of an introduction
(problem identification/objective of the paper), body (each chapter/subchapter
with a heading), and conclusion (problem solution as a set of recommendations)
is required, along with a standard cover page, table of contents, citations,
and bibliography. Usually, first chapter provides a global competitive
analysis of the industry (use ‘5 forces’ framework by Michael Porter
here) while the second chapter is dedicated to evaluation and
development of more topic-specific marketing strategies (2-4 marketing Ps:
product, price, place, or promotion). 

The individual paper should be of a maximum of fifteen to
seventeen (15-17) double-spaced typewritten pages (excluding cover sheet,
exhibits, bibliography, and appendices) in length. The number of participants
determines actual team paper’s length. 
Papers will be graded based upon content, quality, and pride of
authorship. The grading criteria includes: 1) Paper appearance (title page,
table of contents, tables/graphs/charts/graphics, foot-notes, reference list,
appendices, etc.); 2) Problem-solution consistency (introduction clearly states
the research objective, logical flow of the text, conclusion contains set of
meaningful recommendations); 3) Content originality in each chapter; 4) Project
uniqueness (topic formulation, methods of analysis, ways of data collection,
caliber of recommendations, personal vision, material presentation techniques);
5) Research practicability (can be recommended for use in an industry).

Instructor may post the best papers on the course
site. Samples of some good papers from previous semesters are currently
available on the course site.

All topics should be selected and submitted for
review to the instructor by no later than by Session 5.  Each paper
should bear the name(s) of the student(s), briefly describe the
topic/structure (similar to a table of contents), and include a list of books,
articles, web sites, and other current materials (such as industry trade
association or other documents) that will be used for the research. This
proposal – from one to three pages – must reflect library and the WWW
research.  You must use at least 13
sources!  Please rely on the LRC resources
as more adequate for this assignment and, if necessary, consult with a reference
librarian for help in locating particular sources. A personal interview with
someone who currently works in the company on a managerial or professional
level is extremely helpful and highly encouraged. Please incorporate critical
analysis, personal vision and short surveys. No glorification and common places

The student/team is encouraged to select a company
in a global industry where author has a personal interest, and where there is
published information available to undertake a professionally substantial
global marketing analysis.  You may write
about the worldwide marketing activities of a company, or about its work in one
part of the world, or in one major foreign country, or both – its international
marketing effort with one major product in one region/country. Some examples are as follows:  (1) Marketing Strategies of in Europe; (2) Marketing Operations of VW
Corporation in America; (3) Marketing Campaigns of Toyota Corporation in Brazil (Titles should reflect your own material
and not copy the examples!!!)
.  The
most advisable innovative topics might include: global event promotion (sports,
shows, plays, concerts, etc.), marketing of e-banking and stock-trading
services, global on-line advertising, global music/film/software distribution
and marketing, global drug/jobs/military advertising, cable network advertising
strategies, on-line education/books/papers/magazine ads, wireless telecom

mainly concentrate on two of the four following company’s functions: marketing
research, distribution channels, promotion/ads and pricing.  Do not include company history and
other secondary issues in the text; fully cover your central marketing topic
matching the purpose of the paper in a problem-solution way. Innovative
suggestions and analytical approaches are highly encouraged for instructor’s
perusal.  Routine, descriptive, overused,
and very broad topics must be avoided. Instructor’s advice is always available
in person or via the e-mail

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