Contemporary (Responsible) Issues in Management, Critical discussion

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Use references to prove your point. Provide some real life examples

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Carefully read the contents and requirements in the word document. There are detailed regulations. Follow the rules.

Step 1: Select ONE company from the list below or any you are familiar with

1. 3M 6. HSBC 11. Novartis 16. Sony

2. Amazon 7. Intel 12. Siemens 17. Unilever

3. Apple 8. McDonalds 13. PepsiCo 18. Vodafone

4. Disney 9. Microsoft 14. Primark 19. Volkswagen

5. Google 10. Nestlé 15. Samsung 20. Walmart

Step 2: Select TWO issue areas. Following is a list for example. This is not an exhaustive list. You are free to explore sub-issues related in this the list:

11. Management issues, trends and practices in 21st century

12. Corporate Political Activities, Non-market Strategies in Challenging Institutional Environments

13. Gender and Sustainability; Gender & Executive Pay in Organisations

14. Sustainable Global Supply Chains

15. Precarity in the Workplace

16. Family Businesses – Parochial Dinosaurs?

17. Issue covered by Prof Oded Shenkar

18. Issue covered by Prof Oded Shenkar

Step 3: STRUCTURE your coursework as follows

  • Introduction: justify selection of your ONE company & TWO issue areas (500 words)
  • Critical examination of your first selected issue (1000 words)
  • Critical examination of your second selected issue (1000 words)
  • Conclusion: summary and key recommendations for your selected company (500 words)
  • Reference list (include only sources that you have cited in your coursework)
  • Appendices (only supplementary information should appear here)

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