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Create a 2-3 page document about my hometown, Colby, Wisconsin. Here are the requirements:

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  1. There should be margins of 1″ all around.
  2. The space before and after should be set to zero.
  3. The document should be double spaced.
  4. The title should be My Home Town
  5. The first subtitle should be the word “By.”
  6. The second subtitle should have your first and last name.
  7. The titles and subtitles should be at least 16pt and a color other than black.
  8. The rest of the text should be Calibri 11pt.
  9. The title and subtitles should be centered.


  1. There should be three paragraphs, minimum.
  2. The topic of each paragraph should be bolded, underlined, and left aligned.
  3. There should be a bulleted list of things to do around your area (this is in addition to the three paragraphs).
  4. The first line of each paragraph should be indented.
  5. Use at least one relevant clip art.

This is a flexible topic. Some possible ideas are: Please use 3 Topics. Colby cheese is good one for my town so please use this as one of your topics, population, do you still live there? (Yes I still live there) (Why not?), etc.


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