Communications Question 1.2

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  1. Think about the communication
    phenomena that scholars study. Which aspects of communication intrigued
    you the most in this week’s readings—verbal or nonverbal behaviors? Oral
    or written messages? Interpersonal, small group, or organizational
    dynamics? Face-to-face or mediated contexts?
  2. Then, reflect on the informal and
    formal communication channels in your workplace. What types of
    breakdowns have you experienced or observed in the flow of that
    communication which affected your work?
  3. Finally, to begin learning about how
    communication competence can help you or your co-workers to effectively
    and appropriately handle challenging workplace* communication
    situations, answer the following:
    1. Describe your workplace* communication problem with your classmates. What happened? How did it affect you or the workplace?
    2. What is the communication phenomenon involved in your workplace problem that you would like to investigate?
    3. What is the communication theory goal that you
      would like to pursue in investigating this phenomenon? Remember,
      communication theories seek to describe or understand, explain, predict,
      or control a communication behavior. A theory goal can be expressed as
      simply as one of the following:

My theory goal is to [describe/understand, explain, or predict] __________.

My goal is to persuade co-workers to do or think __________ .

My goal is to change people’s attitudes toward __________.

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